About me

Before I tell you how it all began here's what I'm all about: I work with Folk, Pop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Classical and Music Theater artists who have mental hang-ups, physical set-backs or just need a little clarity. I can help you level up in your voice journey by improving range, cultivating mindfulness and developing control. Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for decades I've got something for you!

Methods I Utilize

  • Resonant Voice Training
  • Stemple, Vocal Function Exercises
  • Manual Therapy Techniques: Walt Fritz Seminar
  • Gill Mindful Voice Training
  • Titze, Straw Phonation
  • The Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown
  • Confidential Voice
  • Interdisciplinary techniques from vocologists and researchers
    • (Verdolini Abbott, Titze, Sundberg, Gill etc)

Conditions I've worked with

  • Reinke’s Edema
  • Polyps
  • Nodules
  • Pre-Nodule Conditions
  • Muscle Tension Dysphonia
  • PTSD
  • Post ECT Therapy
  • Post Operation: Polyp Removal
  • Hiatal Hernia

I began performing at a young age and I always had an innate love, knowledge and joy about my voice. As I grew I started experiencing some hang ups, anxiety and mental blocks around my vocal expression. Even after years of studying voice in undergrad and beyond I was not given tools or specific guidance that was repeatable and effective. I kept running into walls keeping me from fully realizing my voice’s potential for freedom and confidence. I knew it was somewhere in my soul but I felt broken and I wanted to give up.

Then, I met a vocal guide named Dr. Brian Gill at New York University. I had one session with him and immediately felt some of those walls crumbling. I was awakened to a world of specific, immediate and mindful voice training which is being practiced by many wonderful and thoughtful teachers around the country and the world!

Inspired I swiftly began my studies in the graduate department at NYU soaking up pedagogical, scientific, psychological and practical knowledge. I earned an M.M. in Vocal Performance as well as an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy and Vocology. I studied with folks at Langone Medical Center and the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders learning methods of voice rehabilitation and habilitation. I was not only experiencing a flood of knowledge but also a flood of gratitude because my own voice was becoming more free and expressive along the way.

After my intensive studies at NYU I completed several continuing education programs and workshops in voice science, acoustics and laryngoscopy at Indiana University and UTSA. During a brief stint in San Antonio, TX I served as a singing voice specialist for the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio where I still serve as a remote resource.

I stay current with the latest vocal research and methodology so as to provide informed tools for my students. Many of the folks that I work with have an experience at an ENT’s office or at a voice clinic where they received some challenging news. I particularly love working with singers who need guidance after a medical procedure or who have other vocal issues such as polyps, nodules or edyma (swelling). Finding solutions and discovering healing and forward momentum after a set-back is the reason I do what I do!

If you have read this far and are inspired to learn more please reach out and set up an initial phone call. I look forward to meeting you and beginning our work together! Whether you’re a seasoned touring musician, a Sunday choir singer or a karaoke enthusiast I’ve got your back and I’ve got solutions.

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